Notariat Eferding Unternehmensrecht

So you can simply take care of your business

Company and corporate law is one of the most important areas of a notary’s expertise. Whether you wish to start a company, run, own or hand over a company, your notary can give objective and experienced advice as well as offer extensive legal services.

In their work for businesses and business owners the notary will always find tailored solutions which are substantial, do not leave any party overreached and which are beyond reproach, both formally and regarding content. This can pre-empt disagreements which could lead to considerable cost later.

Your notary can provide competent and extensive advice on founding a business, the choice of the right legal structure, resumption or continuation of a business as well as a hand-over. With direct access to the electronic commercial register a notary is always up to date. Through them you can request important legal details of all companies registered in Austria. Beyond that, your notary certifies excerpts of the commercial register and is entitled to verify your authorisation to sign.

The notary can also assist with changes to existing companies by drawing up all required documentation and requesting the necessary changes to the commercial register – for example in the case of a change of director or associate, change of corporate form, change of company title, change of registered company address, increase/decrease of capital as well as liquidation.