Notariat Eferding Schenkung und Übergabe


Above which value is it recommended to legally clarify and secure an endowment? Many people who would like to give or are about to receive a large gift are unaware of how useful the support of an experienced notary can be. In many cases it is strongly recommended to draw up an endowment contract.


A livery is an endowment with an agreed return service, such as continued support for the giver or the right of residence. The sheer range of possibilities in these matters means that expert advice is of special value in all considerations, such as the timing of the endowment, the determination of the return service and the arrangement of certain aspects of pension and tax law.

The notary’s tasks

The notary will sit down with you to discuss your ideas and will give you advice on what is feasible and achievable. They will subsequently draw up your endowment or livery contract.