Notariat Eferding Vorsorgevollmacht

So you can decide who can decide for you – and who can’t.

When it comes to taking legal precautions, most people think about drawing up a testament. In this context, one question is becoming more and more prevalent: a provision for the case when one is no longer capable of taking action and making decisions. The tailored solution to this problem comes in the form of powers of attorney.

Through powers of attorney, you have the possibility to designate a trusted person in advance, who is to represent you in certain situations should you no longer be of comprehension, judgment or communication. This is designed to pre-empt any eventual custodianship.

In practice, powers of attorney are already rather common and are usually granted to near relatives, for example children. These powers of attorney can cover areas concerning somebody’s assets but also the representation of the person’s interests in hospital, especially in regards to treatments or surgery, as well as placing somebody in a care facility, all the way to day-to-day representation in relations with authorities, courts etc.

When powers of attorney are triggered by an event and come into effect, they can be registered with the Austrian Central Register for Powers of Attorney – a possible repeal of the powers of attorney can also be registered here.
Powers of attorney are decisions which require utmost responsibility and diligence of those who wish to grant them, but also of those who advise in the process