To seek out a notary often means that one has reached a crossroads or turning point in life.
We will advise you about your options and together with you work out a solution which will allow you to take the next steps with a clear conscience.


  • Fully implemented real estate contracts including entry into the Land Register
  • Transactions using escrow agreements, contracts for Endowment and Livery
  • Purchase agreements according to the Commercial Developer Act (Bauträgervertragsgesetz, BTVG) including escrow
  • Justification of home ownership
  • Land Register requests regarding changes to entries
  • Superaedificates (building on land owned by others)
  • Filing of Deeds with the Land Register Court
  • Advice on fees and taxes in conjunction with the transfer of real property (real estate transfer tax, Land Register fees, real estate income tax) as well as their calculation and collection
  • Certified extracts from the Land Register


  • Marital agreements
  • Agreements in case of dissolution of marriage or civil partnership
  • Power of Attorney
  • Power of Representation for close relatives
  • Patient decrees
  • Agreements in accordance with the Austrian Law on Reproductive Medicine


  • Corporate foundation contracts for legal entities and entry into the Commercial Register
  • Notarisation of general assemblies and shareholder meetings
  • Contracts covering the divestiture of company shares
  • Corporate reorganisations (fusion, contribution, division and merger)
  • Alteration of partnership agreements
  • Appointment and dismissal of CEOs/ authorised signatories
  • Certified extracts from the Commercial Register and German Trade Register


  • Certification of signatures
  • Certified copies of original deeds
  • Electronic filing and archiving of deeds available for inspection by the justice and authorities
  • Certified extracts from the register of associations
  • Certified extracts from the trade register
  • Activation of citizen cards and mobile phone signatures - Registration Office of atrust


  • Consultations about inheritance law and compulsory portions
  • Drawing up of testaments, contracts in favour of third parties in case of death, and contracts waiving inheritance or compulsory portions
  • implementation of probate proceedings in the role of representative of either the court or the heirs
  • Representation in probate proceedings
  • Drawing up of declarations of renouncement of inheritance, also according to German law


The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it
armed with self confidence and good humour.

Charles Dickens         


The notary has a varied range of tasks. Some of our services concern the people, and therefore us, more often than others.


You should not leave your “last will” to the last moment. A testament can be recalled at any time. Approach us in good time - we can help you to draw up a testament which reflects your wishes.

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Endowment & Livery

Above which value is it recommended to legally clarify and secure an endowment? Many people who would like to give or are about to receive a large gift are unaware of how useful the support of an experienced notary can be. In many cases it is strongly recommended to draw up an endowment contract.

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Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney take effect when a person is no longer capable of taking action and making decisions. This gives you the opportunity to designate a trusted person in advance, who is to represent you in certain situations should you no longer be of comprehension, judgment or communication.

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Notariat Eferding Unternehmensrecht

Security costs money, but perhaps less than you might think. Saving when it comes to making provisions unfortunately means that eventual disputes can become very costly. Notaries are bound to strict tariff regulations. This means that certifications issued by the notary are often cheaper than those issued by a court. You're not running any risk - your notary is under obligation to inform you in advance of any charges you might incur.

In any case, your initial consultation is always free!


The Austrian notaries see themselves as modern service providers. Innovative and client-oriented, they continuously develop their services. At the same time notaries are traditional in the best sense: The high quality standard of consultations, the protection of clients and their contribution to the continuation of a central European legal culture are consistent motifs in their work.

Notaries acknowledge their specific responsibilities within the legal system of the Republic of Austria - and vice versa. Notaries walk with citizens and businesses towards a Europe of Freedom, Security and Law. Because they take these responsibilities seriously, and because they enjoy doing so, keeping in mind the principle which they have formulated as requirement for themselves and as promise to clients and partners:

Service through the ages - Contemporary safety under the law.

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