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Knowing what's possible, and what's not. We are happy to provide individualised and impartial advice on your options and our extensive range of legal services.

Experience & Competence

Our wealth of experience and the high quality standard of our consultations serve to protect our clients - we are
professional, impartial and objective.

Security & Trust

Many unpredictable things happen in life and there are many situations that warrants a formal arrangement. Having taken precautions, you can take the next steps with a clear conscience.

Notariat Eferding Dr Walter Dobler - Dobler

Your Notary

Dr. Walter Dobler


The highest honour one can show a person is to trust him.

Matthias Claudius

We are happy to advise!

 I am not omniscient, but I am aware of much.

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Our Offices

We have moved!

The office of the Notary of Eferding has been in existence since 1851. In the recently opened G'sundium, Stephan-Fadinger-Straße 2, we are working with our team for your safety under the law. In 2016 I was appointed to the post of 11th notary of Eferding by the Minister of Justice.

I will apply all my experience and knowledge to my tasks to justify the trust which has been put in me and the office of the notary of Eferding now and in the past.

Walter Dobler


Notaries are professional lawyers and public officials appointed by the State to confer authenticity on legal deeds and contracts contained in documents drafted by them and to advise persons who call upon their services.

The notary is impartial and objective by law, and notarised deeds enjoy the benefit of dual presumption of legality and accuracy of content; they may be contested only through judicial channels.

Beyond that, notaries offer an extensive range of legal services. They will consider not just the scope and possibilities within the civil law but also the taxation aspect of any dealings. This allows them to design a solution which is desirable, secure and affordable for everyone involved.

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